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Pan Seared Black Snapper with Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Have been getting some great fish from Snapper Grabbers lately. Last night’s black snapper was amazingly fresh and delicious. Simple preparation.

I learned a great trick from Cooks Illustrated–I should have thought of it myself, but oh well: sprinkle about 1/8th to 1/4 of a teaspoon on each filet of fish along with any spices to help it brown better in a skillet. The small amount of sugar caramelizes on the fish and adds a nice little crispness. This fish has a sprinkling of sugar and a bit of Cajun spice blend and was seared in a cast iron skillet with just a splash of olive oil and a bit of butter. Served over mashed sweet potatoes with simple steamed asparagus over that. Simple and tasty.



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