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The HBO Mini-Series “The Pacific”

I’ve been really excited about this since I first heard about it this fall. We loved “Band of Brothers” and can’t wait to watch “The Pacific” tonight!

My dad was in WWII and in the Pacific theater. He didn’t talk about it much, but he did write letters home regularly–the last letters I think he ever wrote, I think! There is a box of letters from his time in WWII, but none afterwards…

Here’s one:

April 10, 1945

Dear Mama,

I rec. several letters from you and Gladys today sure was glad to hear from you.

I don’t guess you have thought about it, but this is my Birthday. One year ago yesterday, I was home, but it feels like it has been several years of course it is not so bad here I like it here ok. You asked me if I had been to Manila. Yes I have been there on pass. I know it was a nice place before the war, but now it is not much left there.

I have had some pictures made and they came out ok, so I sent them back to have some more made like them and I will get them tomorrow and send you some I want to send you one of each.

Is Bobby going to get to finish this year of school or are they going to take him on to the Army?

Does Natalie think as much of Bobby as he does her and will Mrs. Cogle let her go out with Bobby or don’t she like him?

Do you ever see Edward Agee now?

I guess Antoinette still gets everything she wants.

Well I guess I had better close now but I will write again soon. P.S. Did you send Virginia’s pictures to her.

Love Clark

[for reference, Gladys was my father’s sister–my Aunt Gladys who lived in Alaska for years before finally retiring in Linden, Alabama. Bobby was my father’s brother: the youngest of the family. Antoinette was my father’s first (I think) niece, born to my Aunt Margaret.]

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