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Three Years Seems Like Yesterday–and Forever

Wow. It has been three years. It seems forever, but also just yesterday when Mama was taken away. It somehow makes it that much harder that it is one week from her birthday. I miss her so much.

I’ve been going through old letters she sent (I promise not to continue to post them), and found the following one she sent me when I turned 25. It is VERY self-indulgent on my part to post, but Mama’s not around to say such nice things about me anymore, so thought I’d put it out there anyway.

Here it is:

My dear Joe,

It seems impossible that you are to be 25 Saturday! How proud we were of that tiny bit of love–Dr.  Henry’s “pea mite.” Since then you have been my “raison d’etre.” It has been our pleasure to see you mature–and with many uncompromising traits. Just thank you for being you, for showing tender love and true caring for your family. For whatever we have done, over protectiveness included, it was done in the name of love.

Have a happy birthday and please know that I love you with all my heart.


October 27

I Miss her so much. She really was such a wonderful person. If half the things in her letter to me were accurate, I’d be delighted. But it all came from having such a loving and caring family. Mama, you were the greatest!

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