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Missing my Mother on Her Birthday

Mama would have been 86 years old today. I miss her so much. She brought a lot of good into the world, including all 6 of us. Below isĀ  part of a letter she wrote a few years ago just after her birthday. I wish I had inherited her letter-writing abilities (or at least took […]

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A Letter from Mama

Had to search through some old boxes for a book I needed to complete a project this afternoon. No luck with the book, of course, but did manage to come across a nice letter. Really reminded me of Mama. People do not send letters like this anymore. She managed to share a tidbit that might […]

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Sister Julia and my great niece (in more than one way) Morgan

Christmas 2009 in Octagon. Got to see my very photogenic great niece along with my sister and her grandmother Julia.

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Linden High School: Class of 1941

Thanks to one of my sisters for sending this photo of Mama (front row second from left). Linden High School, Linden, Alabama.  

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A New Baby in the family

What a wonderful thing. So much sadness in the world and in our family these last few years, it is a good thing to have a beautiful baby girl to come in and brighten the world. My niece, Dawn, just had a baby girl! Marcella Renee Dailey Date of Birth: June 21, 2009 Time of […]

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Back from a Trip to D.C.


Well, I didn’t go. I was here working the whole time. But sisters Julia and Madeline went with my adorable grand niece Morgan. Here they are not looking at all worse for the travels after stopping by to pick up a car.

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Great Uncle Lacy Weston’s Honor Flight to D.C.

Really pleased that Ann’s great uncle (Lacy Weston, the last veteran interviewed in this short clip) was able to make this trip to the WWII memorial. My father would have LOVED to have gone on one of these trips. Wish he could have. Any veterans who can should go now. Tennessee Valley Honor Flight marks […]

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What a Hectic Time


Well, I’ve been quite a bit less than diligent about updating my blog lately. It isn’t for lack of activity–it is for lack of time! I just finished a newsletter for the American Mining Insurance Group, I have been working on a website blog (using wordpress) for Holmestead Farms outside of Marion, Alabama, I’ve been […]

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My Friend Dave Nelson

Update: Obituary found here>>> Someone who meant the world to me growing up died unexpectedly yesterday: Dave Nelson. He retired from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources about a year ago. I’d like to write something a bit more about this later, but really just wanted to say something now: I first met Dave […]

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A Wedding


So many great things come from connecting with family. Cousin Kevin “Chunk” Mitchell has been helping us with our house–and we really, really needed the help. He was here several weeks ago to give us some ideas and see our house for the first time. We were talking and exchanging some photos. He told me […]

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